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These General Terms and Conditions define the rental conditions of the Wi-Fi box and all its accessories by RENTWIFIMOROCCO and are communicated to the customer when ordering the box on the website Any rental implies full and unreserved acceptance by the customer of these General Conditions of Rental which exclusively govern his relations with RENT WIFI MOROCCO and prevail over any other document. RENT WIFI MOROCCO accepts different conditions only in case of explicit signature of an agreement.


1.1 The Wi-Fi box is rented on the website or in the Agency. It allows a connection to the mobile cellular network of major national operators. The customer chooses his package and the desired number of days of rental. He can, through his account or Agency, buy one or more refills if the amount of Internet data is insufficient. He registers and reserves his Wi-Fi box on the site

1.2 The minimum age for renting a Wi-Fi box is 18 years old. When ordering, the customer must fill out a registration form, hold a valid email, necessary for the smooth running of the services requested, accept these General Conditions of Rental and send obligatorily, in the framework of the Moroccan legislation , a copy (scan or photo) of his identity card, or his passport, or his driving license, to RENT WIFI MOROCCO, by mail to

1.3 For all rentals, RENT WIFI MOROCCO requires a financial guarantee of 100 € not debited. An application for a debit authorization is made. This deposit will be cashed without notice in case of delay of return of equipment, loss, theft, damage to the housing and / or its accessories, to offset any debt of the borrower with respect to RENT WIFI MOROCCO .


The rental agreement between the customer and RENT WIFI MOROCCO takes effect when ordering the Wi-Fi box on the website The payment of the daily amount of the rental begins on the date chosen by the customer until its outcome. During the delivery of the equipment, the risk burden is transferred to the customer who assumes the physical and legal custody under his full responsibility. The rental agreement and the related legal custody terminate upon receipt by RENT WIFI MOROCCO of all equipment rented by the client.


3.1 The material is delivered according to the given address, date and method of delivery chosen by the customer.

3.2 RENT WIFI MOROCCO can not be held responsible for any delays in making available or delivery, due to any reason beyond its control, including weather, modification of regulations, delays in transport or returns of previous rentals, force majeure, strikes, or their direct or indirect consequences to the customer or third parties and is not liable for any compensation in this respect. The date of availability is given as an indication and subject to availability of the housing, and does not bind RENT WIFI MOROCCO.

3.3 The customer acknowledges, after verification, to have received the housing and its accessories in good condition of use and maintenance, suitable for operation, with the instructions of return, and to have chosen the service according to its needs which it has him – even previously determined. The responsibility of RENT WIFI MOROCCO can not be engaged in this respect.


4.1 The case and its accessories remain the exclusive property of RENT WIFI MOROCCO. The customer is prohibited from removing or modifying the property plates and / or inscriptions affixed to the rented equipment, modifying or changing parts of the equipment. The equipment can not be rented or given as guarantee. The customer undertakes not to consent in respect of the rented property any right, real or otherwise, for the benefit of anyone, likely to affect the enjoyment thereof, or to limit the availability or full ownership of RENT WIFI MOROCCO.

4.2 Throughout the duration of the contract, the customer is obliged to protect the equipment against any deterioration, loss, theft, to keep the equipment in good working order, not to use it for abusive, illegal or fraudulent purposes.

4.3 In case of breakdown, the customer must contact without delay by telephone or email to to cut the Internet line. The customer must, as soon as possible, at the latest on the date of return, return the case and its accessories to the agent of RENT WIFI. Prepaid days will be refunded if the failure is the result of a defect inherent in the equipment or a case of force majeure. In other cases, the deposit will be taken at the level of the damage.


5.1 The upload and download speed will be 3G or 4G in the cities covered by RENT WIFI MOROCCO. The quality of the communication depends on local operators, some areas may be limited or may not be covered by operators such as, in the mountains, in the basement, on highways, in the islands, on the high seas, etc. RENT WIFI MOROCCO can not be held responsible for the temporary or permanent unavailability of the connection to the network, as well as any damage that may occur.

5.2 RENT WIFI MOROCCO offers unlimited daily internet connection. When the consumption exceeds a certain volume of data exchange (fair use) is applied to reduce the Internet connection up to a speed of 128 Kbit / s (ie a connection in 2G). Viewing videos, downloading applications can consume a significant amount of bandwidth and can clutter or reduce the quality of the network. This reduction ends when the daily package comes to an end.

5.3 Refills can be purchased by the customer on his Customer Account or in the Agency if the amount of internet data is insufficient. Refills are valid only during the customer’s rental period.


Rates are those in effect on the day of the order. They are denominated in euros and calculated in TTC. Delivery and return costs are the responsibility of the customer. RENT WIFI MOROCCO grants the right to modify its rates at any time. For the packages ordered during the registration of the order, she agrees to charge at the prices indicated.

Payment is made either by Paypal or in cash at the time of delivery.


In the event of loss, damage or theft of the case and / or its accessories, the customer must contact RENT WIFI MOROCCO as soon as possible by email at or by phone at (+212) 522 298 309. RENT WIFI MOROCCO will pay the customer the deposit in whole or in part for the amount of the damage.


8.1 The customer agrees to return the box to its original state. He remains bound by all obligations arising from the contract until effective recovery by RENT WIFI MOROCCO.

8.2 The customer has 48 hours before the date issue to inform RENT WIFI MOROCCO to confirm the return of his pocket wifi.

8.3 The costs and risks of return transport are the responsibility of the customer.

8.4 RENT WIFI MOROCCO reserves 48 hours after return to indicate any damage to the equipment not reported by the borrower to the refund.

8.5 For any dispute relating to the return of equipment by post or at the reception of the hotel, the customer must provide proof of shipment.


9.1 In the event of non-return of the equipment whatever the cause within the given deadlines, RENT WIFI MOROCCO will charge you late fees equivalent to the current rate for a rental of equivalent duration. Enclosures, accessories, demountable parts or non-returned parts are charged at the replacement price.

9.2 If the customer is unable to return the equipment during the rental period, the customer is obliged to contact RENT WIFI MOROCCO immediately (+212) 522 298 309 or by email at


In case of complaint, the customer can contact RENT WIFI MOROCCO at (+212) 522 298 309, by mail at or by mail (RENT WIFI MOROCCO – 605 RUE GOULIMA APPARTEMENET N ° 1 ETG 1 BOURGOGNE CASABLANCA.


11.1 RENT WIFI MOROCCO ensures, in accordance with the legislation in force in Morocco and in Europe, to respect the protection, the confidentiality and the security of the personal data of the customers, as well as to respect their private life.

11.2 RENT WIFI MOROCCO collects this data in the context of its commercial activities, to authenticate its customers, to provide the services requested by its customers, to meet the management and logistics needs of its customers and prospects, to offer them adapted offers. to their needs.

11.3 In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the customer has a right of access as well as a right to additional information, rectification, revision and opposition on data concerning him.


Any dispute relating to these conditions shall be decided by the Commercial Court of the head office of RENT WIFI MOROCCO to which the parties grant exclusive jurisdiction, even in the event of a warranty claim or multiple defendants.

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